Document Preparation Services

The "do it yourself" option


If you and your significant other agree on most of the issues regarding your divorce or custody case, the State of Oregon provides forms for you to file on your own. Zoticus Law can help you prepare these forms so you can feel confident that everything was done correctly. We will advise you on gathering the needed information, draft your court documents and pleadings, and explain how to file your paperwork with the courts and what steps to take once it's been filed. 

In order to use our document preparation service for your divorce or custody matter, you typically must have an "uncontested" case.  Your divorce or custody matter will be "contested" if you and the other party cannot agree to all aspects of custody, parenting time, support, property division, or payment of liabilities.  Feel free to set up a consultation so we can help you decide if the "do it yourself" option is right for you.